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Lindsey and I met at a bible study group in college and she immediately drew me in with her fun loving spirit.  I didn’t even know Lindsey more than a couple of weeks before she asked me if I wanted to be her roomie.  Although it was a bit crazy to move in with someone you barely know, I said yes.  We moved in with another young lady, Andrea, whom I had never met before the day we signed the lease, and the three of of quickly became the best of friends.  The three of us have been through the good, the bad AND the down right UGLY.  It is so awesome to have lifetime friends like the two of them.

Lindsey recently wrote a book (you can check her and her book out here.) and she was in need of some new headshots.  She is now living in San Diego, but was back in Boulder for a week, so we went out, had some fun and got some great shots.  A special shout out to Andrea for coming out with us and for your help.  We always have such a blast when the three of us get together!  Here are some images from Lindsey’s shoot.

blogLindsey01 blogLindsey_1799blogLindsey02blogLindsey04blogLindsey05blogLindsey08blogLindsey_1808blogLindsey_1821blogLindseyBW_1859